Welcome to Thinking Out Loud

Where all seriousness is pushed aside, and we focus on what really matters in life ~ enjoying yourself.  Yes, when all the bullsh*t of life is pushed aside, the only part that matters is enjoying your life.

When I started this podcast, people would ask me – “What’s it about?”  And I wondered to myself, “Why does it need to be about anything at all?” Can’t it just be entertaining?  Sure we’ll touch on sports, and entertainment, or delicious food, etc. But the idea here at TOL, is to be entertaining, or engaging, interesting, thought-provoking, or dare I say, inspiring.

If you’re looking for the latest political news, a 12 step plan to lose 12 pounds, or a hot stock tip, then I suggest you look elsewhere. Not to be rude or anything, you just won’t find that sort of content here. You may tune-in and have no idea where the conversation will venture.

And that’s just how I like it.

Why don’t you hang around for while? Come see our flagship Podcast or Blog for more.

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